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Leslie is an authentic leadership coach who motivates and inspires her clients to identify, reframe, and ultimately transform, what’s possible,
in order to launch them into an otherwise unimaginable future.

Taking you on a journey of reconnecting with your values.

Leslie's energy, ability to connect, easy nature provides a safe space for you to begin your journey of what truly inspires you and motivate you to succeed in all aspects of your life.

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Leadership Development Coach

Leslie Strong

Leslie Strong is the author of The YOU Factor: A Handbook for Powerful Living. She recently celebrated her 20th year as a certified leadership development coach. She is a keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator for organizations such as CIBC, RBC, Bell Media and Home Depot.

Leslie’s expertise is in shifting how women think, so they can regain power, control and balance in every area of their lives. Leslie provides her executive clients with tools that put them in the driver seat of their lives, leaving them happy, fulfilled, and motivated to create exactly what they want.

Leslie has been featured in the Globe & Mail, Huffington Post, and on Canada AM, Breakfast Television, Daytime T.O., and FOX, as well as many other radio and TV programs across the U.S. and Canada.

In The YOU Factor, Leslie gives women who feel trapped in their business and personal lives some simple advice: "It’s not about them; it’s about you. If you put that idea into practice," Leslie says, "you can live a life full of power, meaning, and joy."

As an executive coach, I listen to stories for a living, and I usually notice something right away. Nothing much changes. Year after year, it’s the same story, the same complaint, even the same bad guy. It’s Groundhog Day for women. Yet the real clue is not the narrative, or the repetition. If you listen carefully to these stories, you soon see a pattern: It’s always someone else’s fault. That someone might be a thing or a situation. It might be the circumstances. But one thing’s for sure: The woman who’s complaining, with a latte or a glass of wine in hand, never thinks she’s responsible. That is the problem. She is a stock player in her movie, not the star. She’s the character who gets into a little trouble and then gets written out of the T.V. series—not the writer who’s in control of the show.

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Not long ago I was consumed with life issues that seemed overwhelming and I had no idea how to overcome them. I was a stay at home Mother who needed to return to the work force and had no idea where to start. My coaching sessions with Leslie from Strong Coaching provided me with the insight and clarity that resulted in my not only finding the exact position I was looking for, but gave me the confidence to embrace my ambition and I now find myself in charge of the department.

Director, Investor Relations IAMGOLD Corporation

I highly recommend Leslie as an executive coach and mentor. With me Leslie has demonstrated the skill to identify the big picture and effectively coach me to more than achieve my goals. Leslie’s calm, capable demeanor sets the stage for positive and sustainable personal/business growth. I look forward to coaching calls with Leslie.

Sales Manager Heart and Stroke Foundation

I am most appreciative of Leslie’s skills and expertise in helping me to take a good look at my career objectives and make them a reality. Her services were invaluable and have produced tangible changes in my life.

VP Business Development

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